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Draeger's Market


In operation for over 90 years, Draeger's remains family-owned and operated to this day. As the fourth generation begins to take the reins, the company remains committed to providing its Bay Area customers with a food experience unlike any other. Founded by Gustave Draeger in 1925 as "Draeger's Delicatessen" in San Francisco, Draeger's has transformed through the years to become not just a supermarket, but a "marketplace" where customers can find the highest quality specialty and gourmet items, produce, meat, wine, liquor, prepared bakery and deli foods, flowers and housewares. Three of four locations feature a cooking school, and the company's San Mateo location features Viognier Restaurant, where the full food experience comes together using the finest ingredients and latest cooking techniques. Draeger's is the place where discerning home cooks, experienced chefs and everyday people come together to celebrate food, family and life.


Draeger’s training system at the time was causing issues across the board. Training was being done during business hours, which tied up managers responsible for the classes. The same managers were also needed in the store – causing frustration to the minimally manned sales team who were left to serve customers. To add to the frustration, there were no incentives to give employees a reason to stay at Draeger’s. The company had no way of tracking employees’ progress; therefore, no one really knew who amongst their employees were the hard-workers or the slackers.

It was a system that had broken down – leaving most that stayed employed there in the same job they started with. With no promotion or pay increases, it was only a matter of time before the devoted employees started to leave too. When another employee leaves, another hole is left that needs to be filled; adding to the frustration of the employees left behind. Draeger’s needed a new approach to their system.


In order to fathom a solution, we had to understand the business we were representing. Getting to know their code of ethics, progress, and setbacks are just the first of many aspects in planning the goals Draeger’s wanted to set for themselves. Scheduling is also a crucial step in a solid solution. Conceptualizing a plan meant they would always have a visual of what they were going to do next. Being proactive, starting with a concept, and building a network of solutions around it ensures stability and long-term results.

Employees like to know when they’re doing a great job, and believe it or not they also like to know when they’re not. In order to have an objective view of the overall well-being of their employees, an employer must be able to visualize their successes and failures. Without a way to monitor growth or recession, a business will never know its true potential. We wanted Draeger’s to succeed almost as much as they did, so we paved the way.

Our solution consisted of 3 parts: To produce 18 training videos, set up an online Learning Management System (“LMS”), and create printed training manuals. With only 4 months to complete the project, constant communication and goal-setting was essential. We placed every task and milestone on our multi-device ready project management system for successful objective setting & measurement. Our app provides us with up-to-date tracking of our projects; including how many milestones are left to do, if we are on track with each project, and if there are any items to discuss with Draeger’s – all in one place.


1. Produced 18 training videos in English & Spanish


2. Designed a graphics package for all training content


3. Configured an online Learning Managagment System


4. Prepared a task list for 24/7 progress updates


5. Formatted a printed version for onsite reference


The solution we drafted for Draeger’s now gives them the ability to add new training from every department and also enables a way to track every employee’s progress successfully. The support they’ve obtained from us will firmly establish a standardized process for their Deli department, and they’ll reap the benefits from this solution because of its ease of use and efficiency. To reach every goal that Draeger’s wanted – professionalism, collaboration, transparent communication, and to stay on schedule and within budget; they have secured a yearly budget to dedicate to further employee training with us.

Moving Forward with Four Syt

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