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Last Updated: February 11, 2017


This Privacy Policy describes how Hairiss (“Hairiss”, “we” or “us”), will handle any data it collects about you as you use this site (“Website” or “Site”) or any other site operated by Hairiss. It describes what data will be collected, how Hairiss will use it, and what your choices are regarding your data. By visiting and using our Site, you are accepting the terms in this policy and consenting to the practices outlined within.


As always, if you have any questions you can always email us for a clarification at support@hairiss.com.



This Privacy Policy is subject to occasional change or update. Whenever the Policy is materially changed, we will notify you by either an email notification or a prominent notice displayed on the Site. The notice will be sent and/or posted 30 calendar days prior to the change taking effect for existing users. For new users, it will take effect immediately. You are responsible for keeping your contact information up to date if you wish to receive emailed noticed of these changes. If for any reason our notification fails to reach you, our dispatch of that email will nonetheless constitute effective notice of the changes. If you do not want to be subject to any changes in this Privacy Policy, you must discontinue using the Site before the change takes place. Continuing to use the Site will serve as an acceptance of the changed Privacy Policy.



There are different ways that Hairiss may collect information about you.

1. When you visit the Site

We are able to track visitors to our Site and collect information such as the browser type they are using, where they navigate and/or click, the time of their visit, their IP address, how they came to the Site (e.g. from a search engine, including what terms they may have used in their search), their approximate location in the world, and so on. Much of this data is collected anonymously. We use this type of information for things like improving the flow of the Site and fixing any mistakes on the Site.

2. When you directly provide information to us

Of course, we will have a record of any information you choose to provide to us, for example if you send us an email, apply for a job, purchase a product, add your name to our mailing list, follow us on social media, and so on. In any of these situations we will hold onto this data for our records, and this data may include, for example, your name, email address, shipping information, and any other data you provide.

In the case of our mailing list, we use mailing list services provided by MailChimp. Their privacy policy is here: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/ . If you sign up for our mailing list, you will receive occasional emails from us until you unsubscribe. You are free to unsubscribe at any time using the link in each of our mailings, or you can always write to us at support@hairiss.com if you prefer to have us remove your email that way.

In the case of purchases made by credit card, we will collect your information using merchant services provided by. Stripe’s privacy policy is here: https://stripe.com/us/privacy/. In general we will not retain the full details of your credit card – this will be held on to by the merchant service provider. We will retain the last four digits of your card number in order to identify you and the first six digits to help with fraud prevention.

In the case of social media, note that of course any information you share via social media channels may be accessible to the general public, and anyone may collect and store that data.

3. When you interact with us on social media

Hairiss is active on a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Each of these platforms has its own privacy policy. For reference we link to some of these below. If you click any button on our site that links to our social media accounts, we may collect information from you based on that action such as the types of information specified above.








4. When you email us or otherwise communicate with us outside of this site

Whenever you reach out to us (for example with any question sent to support@hairiss.com) we will hold on to your email address so we can respond. We may also retain a log of all communications with you indefinitely in order to have a history of our communications and to better serve you.



The information collected by Hairiss is generally used to help us respond to your requests and serve you better. This may include:

1. To identify you in our system

2. Administering our Site and services

3. Providing services to you

4. Processing and shipping orders

5. Providing customer service

6. Running contests and delivering contest prizes

7. Improving our products and services

8. Contacting you for feedback

9. Communicating with you about offers, news, or promotions from us or our partners

10. Combining information about you with information about you provided by third parties such as advertising partners to help understanding our users and improve our Site and services

11. Investigating and deterring fraud or illegal activity

12. Improving the experience of using our Site or services

13. Confirming your email or welcoming you to the mailing list

14. Sending you email notifications

15. Responding to requests or questions

16. Improving our marketing materials

17. Sending details of promotions for our services or for other reasons related to marketing

In addition to targeted use of the information as described above, we may also anonymize data by removing identifying information and then use that anonymized data for other purposes such as improving our Site, tracking users as they use our Site, gathering information about the demographic groups that use our Site, and in general improving our site. Hairiss reserves the right to use this anonymized information for these or any other purposes.



You can write us at support@hairiss.com if you want us to not share your information with any third parties. Otherwise we may share your information with reputable third parties with complementary products or services or who are vendors providing services to us.

Other situations in which we may share your information include:

1. Situations in which you give us permission to share your information

2. Situations in which we share information with other companies under the same control as Hairiss, for example subsidiaries or joint ventures

3. When we believe that we need to disclose that information to (a) investigate or resolve disputes or problems or non-compliance with our Terms of Service; (b) comply with laws or requests from government agencies or law enforcement e.g. relating to investigations into illegal activity, which may include disclosure of information without subpoenas or warrants being issued; (c) defend our rights including intellectual property rights of Hairiss or its affiliates or customers or other third parties; and/or (d) assist in enforcing the law or our Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy; and

4. During or in connection with significant company restructuring or event such as merger, financing, acquisition, or bankruptcy. In the event of bankruptcy our records may also be considered a company asset and treated as such. If any company acquires this asset through acquisition of Hairiss or other means, the rights and obligations relating to your information as laid out in this Privacy Policy will be assumed by the new holder of this information.

We reserve the right to use and to disclose any information that is anonymized for any purpose.



Any information we collect may be transferred to partners or vendors or affiliates or other third parties in countries other than the United States, and the policies and laws regarding data protection may not be the same there as they are in the United States. By using this Site you agree to allow your information to be transferred to these third parties. Hairiss will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the terms and obligations laid out in this Privacy Policy are respected by these third parties.

Hairiss will take all reasonable steps to protect the security of the information it collects about you. However, information stored and transferred on the Internet is never completely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of your information held by Hairiss and you accept that risk by using this Site.



1. Emails. Email is the primary means of communication Hairiss will use to reach you, and you are free to opt out of email communications using the Unsubscribe link contained in these communications. Opting out of promotional emails may still mean that you will receive emails related to providing services to you as an individual.

2. Cookies. This Site uses cookies to improve user experience and to help Hairiss collect information about how the site is being used. You can change the settings of your browser to prevent the use of cookies. However, this may negatively impact your experience of the Site or the Site’s functionality.

3. Requests About Your Personal Data You may contact us at support@hairiss.com to ask us to delete your personal information or to review or update the information we hold about you.



While no system for protecting information is perfectly secure, Hairiss will take all reasonable steps to protect your information. If you have any questions about our policy or security, you can write us at support@hairiss.com.



Our Site is not intended for minors under the age of 13, and Hairiss will not intentionally collect any information about minors and will endeavor to delete information that is unintentionally collected. If you realize that a minor has provided us with information you may contact us at support@hairiss.com and we will remove it.



Hairiss uses the analytics services of various third party vendors including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel Tracking, and MailChimp. Analytics is used to improve the user experience and to provide feedback on the demographic groups that are using our Site and services so that Hairiss may improve its offerings. You should refer to the privacy policy documents of these analytics providers for more information on how they collect data and what your choices are in regards to data collected about you.



This Site uses cookies to improve the experience to the user and to aid Hairiss in tracking users and collecting information for the purposes of improving services and the Site. Cookies create a unique ID per user that is transmitted to Hairiss when the user uses some portion of the Site. In addition to our own cookies, the Site uses cookies from third party vendors such as Google Analytics; however, these cookies in general do not provide identifying information about the user. You may always use the settings of your browser to opt out of using cookies; however, this may negatively impact your experience on the Site or your access to certain functionality.



This Site uses pixel tags from Facebook. These tags provide information about e.g. a user’s patterns of activity on the Site, IP address, time of visit, and so on. This information can be used by Hairiss and/or Facebook to help target Hairiss’s advertising. You can read more about Facebook’s Pixel Tag policies here: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/.



The technologies described above are commonly used by third party advertisers such as Facebook to collect information about a user to target ads on their own platform more directly. Hairiss is not responsible for their use of the information they are able to collect on this Site using these technologies. You may learn more about the way information is collected and what choices you have here: http://www.aboutads.info/choices. You may also read the privacy policies of these third party advertisers and advertising services.



Any information we collect from you in any feedback you provide to us may be used internally for the purpose of improving services. We may also disclose anonymized versions of this feedback that do not identify you as an individual, unless you give us permission to provide that information. That information is subject to this Privacy Policy.



As described above, we may in the course of providing services to you and improving our offerings disclose information collected about you to various third parties. Using this Site constitutes agreement on your part to this disclosure. The policies and obligations of this Privacy Policy do not in general apply to third parties, which generally have their own privacy policies.

In addition, we may post links on this Site that lead to sites not under our control. We do not control what information may be collected on those sites. You should review the Privacy Policy of any site that you visit. Clicking on an external link means that you are leaving this Site and you accept that this Privacy Policy will no longer apply.



This Site does not support or recognize “do not track” signals or other means of opting out of tracking.


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